Performance Testing


Performance is an essential part of the user experience for the vast numbers of users who expect “good performance” from their applications, when using a variety of fixed and mobile platforms. Performance testing plays a critical role in establishing acceptable quality levels for the end user and is often closely integrated with other disciplines.

A couple of questions before starting the performance tests:

  • Could the application respond adequately to the generated load?
  • How many concurrent users can the application handle?
  • What are the application’s bottlenecks?
  • How does the application respond when its limits are exceeded?

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Performance Test Scripting

The main purpose of the performance test script is to simulate the behaviour of a real-world user. The virtual users or threads use a performance test script and generate the desired load on the server.

Load and Stress Testing

Load: Focuses on the ability of an application to handle peak loads that are at or beyond the limits of its anticipated or specified workloads. Stress: Focuses on the ability of a system to handle increasing levels of anticipated realistic loads resulting.

Web Performance Optimization

Speed is a critical element of running a successful website. Faster loading websites benefit from better user engagement, higher conversion rates, higher SEO rankings and much more.

Consulting and Training

Our consultants can help companies that decide to incorporate performance testing into their software development processes.


Why Performance Testing?

To find average response time of pages and transactions, slowest and fastest pages.

  • To detect improvements at the configuration or hardware level.
  • To tune all the web application components to support as much load as possible using actual hardware.
  •  To find out how the application works when overloaded.
  • To Save costs reducing solution times.
  • To attract and retain end users.
  • To find out possible actual hardware bottlenecks and prevent new ones.

Automated Tool for Performance Testing