Usability Testing


Our Usability and UX evaluations provide a “best practice” perspective for the general usability of an application. Our team analyzes your product, focusing on user experiences. After the analysis, we provide a full report that highlights the strengths and potential problems, with recommendations on how to improve your product.

An usability problem is a software defect which results in difficulty in performing tasks via the user interface. This affects the user’s ability to achieve their goals effectively, efficiently,  with satisfaction. Usability problems can lead to confusion, error, delay or outright failure to complete some task on the user part . 

Usability Review and Testing

An usability review is a usability evaluation based on the judgment of one or more reviewers who examine or use a software product to identify potential usability problems and deviations from established criteria. We use Heuristic Rules of Jacob Nielsen and Check Lists created by our QA engineers.

Usability testing evaluates the degree in which the system can be used by specified users with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use. Usability testers should be aware that other definitions may be used in other organizations.