Are you worried about Black Friday?

Don’t worried. You’re on time! Now is the time to get ready and prepare your website or Mobile app for Black Friday 2018.

Let’s start with these questions!

  • Could the application respond adequately to the generated load?

  • How many concurrent users can the application handle?

  • What are the applications bottlenecks?

  • How does the application respond when its limits are exceeded?

We can help you, we are experts:

  • Creation JMeter and Gatling Scripts

  • Simulate Real-World User Scenarios

  • (Performance Testing) Load and Stress Testing

Why Performance Testing?

·         To find average response time of pages and transactions, slowest and fastest pages.

·         To detect improvements at the configuration or hardware level.

·         To find out possible actual hardware bottlenecks and prevent new ones.

·         To tune all the web application components to support as much load as possible using actual hardware.

·         To find out how the application works when overloaded.

·         To Save costs reducing solution times.

·         To attract and retain end users.