Performance Testing United

PtU is a practitioner level course for testers involved in performance testing. The course covers JMeter as a open source tool to generate load. This design-focused course provides an undiluted JMeter experience, focusing especially on the critical JMeter concepts. This enables a better real-life implementation of the newly acquired knowledge in the participants' daily work, such as: Record and Play, Correlation, Parameterization, Controller, ThinkTime, Assertions and Monitoring. The PtU-CPTJM course contains some technical content that teaches JMeter load testing techniques and is appropriate for Software Testers, Test Engineers, Performance Testers, Performance Engineers, Test Leads, QA Manager, Operational Support. We are partner provier and Master Trainer.
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JMeter Fundations

This Course about Jmeter teaches and helps to attenders how run load and stress testing using a web sample application that include test script recording, parameterizing, correlation of dynamic values, regular expressions, assertions, controllers, results analysis, and basic issues about server monitoring. In addition you will lern how create a test plan for DataBase, Webservices, Mobile. What you’ll learn? Understand the basics of Performance testing Create scripts and run performance testing with JMeter
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Automation Testing using Selenium WebDriver

The trainig Course provides a complete overview of how to use automated functional testing, It covers automation logic using the standard, Page Object Model, tools to support the automation of tests and the development of test scripts, through the Selenium Webdriver with C# or Java Language.What you’ll learn? Set up basic test automation framework with Selenium WebDriver Automate your first test and Execute Selenium tests on different browsers Recognize different test failures and exceptions and know how to fix and avoid them.
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Introduction to QA and
Software Testing

The student will be able to learn everything about Software Testing. They will know the fundamental concepts and definitions, allowing a thorough understanding of the testing process, as well as the management tools, test execution and bug registration. The first part will provide students with the fundamentals of software testing in general and especially the theme of functional tests. The second part will provide students with the basics of the non-functional software What you’ll learn? Fundamental of QA and Software Testing, Functional and Non Functional Testing, Automation Testing Too.
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Security Testing

The course provides penetration testing concepts and techniques, This is a basic online course designed for QA and software testers, Developers, Project Manager who want to advance in the world of professional pentesting.
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Introduction to Agile Testing

Agile testing is a software testing process that follows the principles of agile software development. Agile testing aligns with iterative Development Methodology in which requirements develop gradually from customers and testing teams. The development is aligned with customer requirements. Agile testing is a continuous process rather than being sequential. The testing begins at the start of the project and there is ongoing integration between testing and development. The common objective of agile development and testing is to achieve a high product quality. What you’ll learn? Design and execute software tests in agile projects. Use automated tools in functional and performance tests.
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