Performance Testing

Performance is an essential part of the user experience for the vast numbers of users who expect “good performance” from their applications, when using a variety of fixed and mobile platforms. Performance testing plays a critical role in establishing acceptable quality levels for the end user and is often closely integrated with other disciplines.

A couple of questions before starting the performance tests:

  • Could the application respond adequately to the generated load?
  • How many concurrent users can the application handle?
  • What are the application’s bottlenecks?
  • How does the application respond when its limits are exceeded?
We can help you:

The main purpose of the performance test script is to simulate the behavior of a real-world user. The virtual users or threads use a performance test script and generate the desired load on the server


Load: Focuses on the ability of an application to handle peak loads that are at or beyond the limits of its anticipated or specified workloads. Stress: Focuses on the ability of a system to handle increasing levels of anticipated realistic loads resulting.


Speed is a critical element of running a successful website. Faster loading websites benefit from better user engagement, higher conversion rates, higher SEO rankings and much more.


Functional Testing - Manual

Our dedicated QA Team provides manual and automated testing. Our testers design test cases in response to customer requirements. Bugs tracking are based on automated testing management tools. We provide consulting in unit tests: Code analysis and unit testing coverage. We put expertise and efficiency together to offer start-to-finish Independent Testing Services.  


  • Reduces the cost of the investment of time and effort in testing.
  • Simplifies the testing procedure by applying automated testing.
  • Better management of testing due to exemplary automatized practices.
  • Increased end user trust and satisfaction due to a refined product.
We can help you:
  • Manual Testing
  • Test Case Design
  • Automated Testing
  • Code Analysis
  • Unit Testing
  • Testing Integration in Development Cycle
  • Test Architecture Design
  • Support for User Acceptance Tests

Usability and Accessibility Testing

Usability Testing

Our Usability and UX evaluations provide a “best practice” perspective for the general usability of an application. Our team analyzes your product, focusing on user experiences. After the analysis, we provide a full report that highlights the strengths and potential problems, with recommendations on how to improve your product. An usability problem is a software defect which results in difficulty in performing tasks via the user interface. This affects the user’s ability to achieve their goals effectively, efficiently, with satisfaction. Usability problems can lead to confusion, error, delay or outright failure to complete some task on the user part .


Accessibility Testing

Web accessibility means that web and mobile applications, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. More specifically, people can: perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web.

  • Allows your website or app to be inclusive for everyone.
  • Avoid Discrimination and Legal requirement.
  • Increases Your Audience.
  • Keep in Mind the Disabled Access Tax Credit from IRS.

Our  team will guarantee your product’s compliance against WCAG Standard, ADA and Section 508, using The Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) We can help you:

  • Apply WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliance*
  • Execute Automated and Manual Test
  • Identify and explain of WCAG 2.1 failures
  • Recommended fixes for each failures